Sunday, 18 November 2012

Berberian Sound Studio OST


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jason331/3 said...

hello james,
i was just wading thru the internet much, trying to ascertain when this will be available on vinyl? is this coming out via warp?
i hope this mess/age finds you well, and in good spirits.

jamesbroadcast said...

hello jason----yes it's via warp but i'm not sure of release date for the vinyl

Anonymous said...

7th January 2013

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Anonymous said...

Hi James, congratulations on the new album - really exquisite as usual. I just ordered the CD but then couldn't wait, so downloaded it as well. Will save up my pocket money for the DVD next! Hope it's a great success and all the best to you, Matt P (Kings Heath)

helensarahvaughan said...

listened to the album, amazing, 'valerie and her week of wonders' similarities, not seen the film, looking forward to watching it

jamesbroadcast said...


Marble medallion said...

Hello James. Loved this title. nice. xo
~ Herman Swan

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