Friday, 28 September 2018

Petal Alphabet

Happy Birthday Trish


Unovis said...

Happy birthday Trish. You are missed.

veever said...

Doğum günün kutlu olsun, Trish.

julianh said...

Happy Birthday Trish, thinking of you ju x

cyberpainter said...

Beautiful angel.

i•h•t•f said...

so beautiful...happy birthday trish. thank you james...xx

sbrnmnndz said...

Feliz cumple, Trish!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Trish . Beautiful

RSS said...

tysm james! love this one~ i did a little poem for her yesterday

miss you and it still feels like tears
your words echo in me
your sighs sign a short goodbye
your weight holds a light inside
your distance, dark now beside
your frame is missing
your painting has run
your passage has turned
your page, sealed in amber
your book, closed in anger
your children grown from echoes
your sound, ghosts of letters
your hair in steeples over
your bespoken pale dover-
your missing inscription in
your too short procession.
your bluebird now singing blacksongs
your warm worm in my belly--
your calling and fate: to enter history
your mausoleum is found in
your hollowed spring sound-
your headstone of perfect sentence
your diamond cut mind
your shadow in the pools--

now you can travel anywhere
now you're on mars, and moons of jupiter's
now and then you touch back down
now you're gone again, free
now you're playing dressup with Gertrude
now you're counting stars with Krishna
now you're circling purple planets with LouLou and John Balance
now you're passed all irrelevance-a shadow for this Fool
your life an entrance-to the past behind each tool
your page is in amber
your book is in rainbows

Petra Latum said...

This is amazing, so beautiful!! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

Belated Happy Bithday Trish! It’s so good to feel you with us — many thanks! Muito obrigado! <3

665+1 said...

lovely; thanks for this. happy birthday, trish.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for everything, Trish and James.

Patrick said...


I made a music video with the music of Broadcast. I would like your permission to use it for artistic expression only. Please have a look. Thank you for your time and your artistic inspiration.


Anonymous said...

recent widow having a bad day, and I just found this: how lovely.
small nice things are so rare in my world now. thank you for sharing it.
we were both fans since 1999 and were so sad when she died.
my other half was a woo-scorning atheist and so am I, but I still hope the disorganised atoms of him somehow got to hear it too.
sending love.