Friday, 19 December 2008

Radio Mix 5


ZiwZih said...

amazing rare stuff!
please share yours early 4 mixes!
plese please

Tapedseams said...

Gorgeous and haunting stuff.

AARON said...
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flegme said...

Where can I find the Siday track ? Which record ?

jamesbroadcast said...

Eric Siday 'Sounds of Now'...the one with the pink cover...can't remember if it's vol 1 or 2

flegme said...

Yeah ! The pink one is volume 2… but hard to find on mp3 format and really expensive in vynil…

I can't find Shankar's Alice OST… Hard to find too

See you soon

futuristfood said...

magic music

Anonymous said...


Most beautiful Radio mix like everything related to Broadcast ..... Broadcast feels like a best friend because of the mutual love for the same music, films and other wonderful things ......

I have a question related to the Jonny Trunk soundtrack show but there you did play one song i am simply not aware of and been looking for ...

It's the song that is played right after Daphne Oram 'Incidental Music For Invasion' and after that song is Ruth White's 'Evening Harmony'

I would very much like to you,

Lovely to see the Clothilde EP picture and thank you for all the haunting and beautiful music

David said...

Hello James & Trish,
My name is David Sanson, I'm writing you from France.
I'm contributing to the forthcoming reissue of Michka Assayas' 'Dictionnary of rock' (a reference book in France), in which I'd like Broadcast to be featured - I'm fond of your music!!!
Therefore (in order to be more exact), I would need to know the date and place of birth of both of us, and your entire family names (as well as of former Broadcast musicians Tim Felton, Roj Stevens and Steve Perkins) if possible.
This data are not compulsory, but they are mentioned whenever possible for each artist.
Thus I would appreciate any answer to my personal mail address:
Thansk a lot in advance, keep on doing great music and please come to play in France soon!
Greetings from Paris,

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wow!!! its very interesting, thanks!!
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Chris Swift said...

Any chance to find out more about Track 14 "O Bernard - Chateux". Cannot find anything on Google. Would love to know what it is though...

jamesbroadcast said...

Anonymous... I can't remember what that track was on Jonny's show...give me a clue? was it an instrumental?...could be that lovely tune from Paul Morrisey's Blood for Dracula.

jamesbroadcast said...

Chris...Chateaux is one of those Sylvester Music Company 10"s... possibly exists on Music Pour L'Image under a different name...don't know much about it other than it was released in 1969

Anonymous said...

Dear James

The song i was looking for was not the beautiful 'In the Cellars of the Castle' but it was 'Asiatic Dream' by Bernard Estardy which is really lovely as well ...

Thank you for the reply ...

I was also thinking, there are some things i wish to share with you and Trish that you might find interesting and if you might possibly be interested here is my email address ....

Best wishes

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the rest of the other radio mixes were archived in the old warp site, but there's some of that hidden somewhere around here: (at least the valuable tracks)

here are some of the tracklists >>>


Broadcast Radio Mix 4 25.08.03

Ron Cessin - Commuter
Vashti - I want to be alone
Roger Roger - Sound Industrial
Rosa Yemen - Larousse Bacon Bil
Ron Geesin - Glass Dance
The loved Ones - Instant Night
Basil Kirchin - Communications
Comus - The lost Queen's Eye
Basil Kirchin - Heavy Machinery
Carl Orff - Berceuse
C.A Quintet - Trip Thru Hell
Cecil Leuter - Video Tronics
Basil Kirchin - Packing Orinting + Light Assembly
Christy - OK Connery
Carl Orff - Der Tod
Circle - Aarre
Carter Burwell - Moose Lake
Roger Roger - L'Asamblee des Singles
Ennio Morricone - Veni Sancto Spiritus
Viger / Bellonzi - Structures 1
The Sacred Heart Choir - It's Back Mary
Viger / Bellonzi - Structures
Kuni Kawachi + Friends - Kirikyogen
Pegel Bonello - Electronic Track
Jean-Pierre Ferland - Le Chat Du Café Des Artistes
Viger / Bellonzi - Structures 3
The Projects - Entertainment
Nino Nardini - Soleil Rose
Armando Trovaioli - Quante Bella Giovinezza
O.Bernard - Caateaux
Zouzou - Tu Fais Partie Du Passe
Henry Manuni - Experiment In Terror
Avain Goraguer - Les Hommes La Grande Co-Existence
Singapore - Cowboys
Cissracambides - Anaicata


______Broadcast Radio Mix 3 1.10.00

The Painted Ship - Frustration
Goblin - La Caccia
American Spring - Falling in Love
? - Pop Electronique
Krystof Komeda - When Angels Fall
Stainton/Demasi - Gold
Danielle Patucci - La Dimo Strzione
Rita Monico - Thrilling
Steven Jesse Bernstein - No No Man
Wendy & Bonnie - Children Laughing
Sean Schultiaeis - Danger
? - ?
Piero Piccconi - Capricco
Ravi Shanker - Chappaqua
Los Gatos - Cuando Llegue El no 2000
Enno Morricone - My Name Is Nobody
President's Analyst
Dick Hyman - Moon Gas
Krystof Komeda - Knife In The Water
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Children's Games
Les Baxter - Machine
Raymond Scott - Nescafé
Mikis Theodarakis - Café Rock
Alice Coltrane - Galaxy In Turina
Greek Fountains - An Experimented Terror
Joan Giorino - Everyone Is A Complete Disappointment
Angus Maclise - Loft Collage


_____Broadcast Radio Mix 2 01.09.00 Compiled and mixed by Julian House, Broadcast's graphic designer and occasional live DJ.

Donald Erb - In A Strange Land (Excerpt)
Ghost - People Get Freedom
David Axelrod - The Sign Part 1
John Baker Structures
Ennio Morricone - Senza Movente
The Cyrcle - The Visit
Electronic Sounds - The Eye of Horus
Stained Glass - A Scene In Between
he Love Machine - Lunar Sea
Delia Derbyshire - Ziwith Ziwith 00 00 00
Kid 606 - Dodgy
David Seeland Band - Beat Construction
Silhouette - An Offering In Music
Lesiman - Confronto
Rotary Connection - Lady Jane
Rotary Connection - Lady Jane
Dimension 5 - Abracadabra
Gill Melle - Widlife
The Endd - It's Out of my Hands
Pierre Duchamp - Beach Buggy
Hairy Diamond - Giving Up
UFO Or Die - Zombie Tube
Ennio Morricone - Quiemada


_____Broadcast Radio Mix 1 01.8.00

Jean Dubuffet - "Bowery Bum"
Ennio Morricone (sung by Christy) - "Deep Down"
Ennio Morricone - "Il Gatto A Nove Code"
Tom Dissevelt - "Sonic Re-entry"
The United States Of America - "Coming Down"
Ennio Morricone from "Teorema"
Zodiac Cosmic Sounds - "Aquarius"
Gilbert/Powell/De Moraes (sung by Astrid Gilberto) - "Berimbau"
Ennio Morricone - "Invention For John"
Chris Carpenter - "Waterfalls"
Tom Dissevelt - "Visitor From Inner Space"
Pete Mac Junior - "The Water Margin"
Kunio Miyauchi - "All Monsters Attack"
Joe Meek - "The Bublight"
The United States Of America - "The Garden Of Earthly Delights"
Akira Ifukube - "Ootojima Temple Festival"
Emil Richards - "Garnet (January)"
The Deep - "Color Dreams"
Electric Flag - "Peter's Trip"
Astros - "Space Walk"
John Giorno - "I Resign Myself To Being Here"
Hal Blaine - "Love In"
Bernard Parmegiani - "Du Pop à L'ane"

gracias Trish

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Anonymous said...

Love the mix, Thanks!